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Farmhouse “La Sughera”

“La Sughera”, in Maremma, surrounded by pine forests, Mediterranean vegetation and fantastic beaches, located in Alberese, in the Province of Grosseto, less than one kilometre away from the Regional Park of Maremma, is the ideal place where to spend a relaxing holiday in perfect harmony with nature discovering ancient traditions and the flavours of local cuisine at the same time.

For those who look for more than simple relax, there are excursions available to discover what the area has to offer, and from the farmhouse you can easily reach thermal waters, Etruscan sites, medieval villages and wine trails. Every place offers surprises and is rich in atmosphere and history. A holiday which is complete and that will make you want to return, to sum up… an unforgettable vacation.

Regional Park of Maremma farmhouse
Regional Park of Maremma farmhouse
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